Building your bot is easy, just start with one of our templates:
-Contact bot: to replace contact forms.
-Feedback: to get real feedback from your visitors.
-Build from scratch: It's up to you!

You can then optimize it all to your liking

Easily integrate the bot on your website or use it on the included landing page

Customize the design of your bot to seamlessly fit your brand

The dashboard shows all your bots and gives you all the needed statistics and reporting:
-Progress over time report
-Interactive reporting
-Funnel reporting

Quriobot seamlessly integrates with all your favorite services

Why use a chatbot?

Quriobot is working for you 24/7 and will lower the work load of for example customer services while optimizing the consumer experience.

All your website visitors are looking for information or have a question. Quriobot handles both and does so in a way that fits your brand. No matter how many website visitors you have and what their needs are, Quriobot is there to fulfill them.

How it works

Within the Quriobot Control Room you can create smart bot that gives smart answers.

No matter whether it’s a straightforward Q&A or an extensive conversation, the technique behind Quriobot facilitaties it all and helps you identify the sentiment of your visitors so you can address people with the topics they find relevant. With Quriobot, you optimize conversations continuously. Quriobot offers you extensive reporting features and analytics, which continuously enable you to better service your customer by better understanding them.


Quriobot seamlessly fits your brand.

Adjust color schemes, create a fitting tone of voice, select avatars that suit the look & feel of your online platforms: everything is possible!

Great companies that are already working with Quriobot:

  • Nationaal Comite
  • BeFrank
  • Bavaria
  • Vodafone Ziggo
  • Nationale Nederlanden
  • Sonnema
  • Monuta
  • Albron
  • Evangelische Omroep


Building your own bot is easy!

With Quriobot, you can build your own chatbot for your website in minutes.
Use it to ask for feedback, replace boring web forms and personalize the way you help website visitors.


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