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  • All Step types
  • Custom look & feel per bot
  • Support via Knowledge Base
  • Facebook channel
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  • All from previous plan plus:
  • Remove Quriobot branding
  • Unlimited bots
  • Email support
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  • All from previous plan plus:
  • All Quriobot features
  • We build bots for you
  • Full support
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All available features:

All Step types
You get access to all 20+ Step types (question types). These include simple step types like multiple choice and text-input but also advanced ones like a Slider, Location (Google Maps) and External chat linking (FB Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.)
(Conditional) jump logic
Jump logic is the start of any good conversation ;) Jump to specific steps in a bot, possibly even with advanced conditions based on previous answers
Startup and behavior rules
Control when and how the bot starts. Start the chat immediately, after a set period, a number of page refreshes or even keep it closed with only a start button showing. Best option? Soft-start with an automatic follow up of the chat!
Custom look & feel per bot
You can make the look and feel of your bot
QB on a Landing page or on your website
Embedding your bot can simply be done by adding a single line of code to your page. On top of that all your bots always get their own QB landing page so you can also direct people there
Connect to external Services (Webhooks)
Quriobot easily connects to Mailchimp (for newsletter signups), Salesforce (to keep track of new leads), or a service like Zapier or IFTTT to connect it to practically any service you can think of!
Notifications and digests
You can be notified about bot interactions when you like: every time somebody interacts with your bot, or digests per day, week or month
Multilingual bots
Select any language you want the bot to speak. If the bot is created multilingual, it will decide which language to speak based on the user’s browser settings
Custom scripting (JS, CSS and HTML)
Connect the bot with your API, use JavaScript to make calculations and use the results in the bot, use CSS and HTML to create custom chat responses.
Support via Knowledge Base
We provide you with the online Quriobot Academy with FAQs and many tips & tricks on how to improve, integrate and optimize your bot
Link to External social media messengers
Easily connect with External social media messengers like FB Messenger, WhatsApp, etc
Reporting features
Several reporting features are included: a progress over time report (per device), in which you can see the amount of interactions for a selected period of time. Interactive reports to zoom in on specific Q&A’s and you can also download all your results
Facebook channel
Connect Quriobot to your brand's facebook and it will be responding to the questions 24/7
Remove Quriobot branding
Remove the Quriobot branding from the bot and make it completely fit your brand!
Unlimited bots
There is no limit to the number of bots you can create
Email support
Starting with the paid plans, you can email the team to get help or ask questions
All Quriobot features
All Quriobot features are used to best serve your business
Custom look & feel
We can make the look and feel of your bot fit your brand and tone of voice perfectly
Custom (API) integrations
We connect Quriobot to your API(s) for making the bot smarter or storing results. This allows all data to be stored on your end if this is a requirement.
Custom reporting
We build custom reports and dashboards (or intergrations) for you to monitor the progress of your bot perfectly
We build bots for you
We use our year-long expertise in the field of building bots for years to deliver the best-class chatbots for you
Full support
For the Enterprise clients, we provide you with phone support for all your burning questions and quick answers

Are you an agency and are you looking to sell Quriobots (without branding) to your clients? Make use of our referral system and get a 10% discount!​

Data protection and certifications

All data of Quriobot is safely stored on servers within the European Union and we work according to the regulations of the GVA (GDPR) from the European Union, which monitors the transmission and storage of people’s personal information.

Our data storage is ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and PCI DSS certified.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Quriobot delivers software as a service, which means that we make our technology as accessible as possible. You do not need any coding skills or a technical background to create a Quriobot!

We take care of everything concerning monitoring, security and the continuous improvement of the software.

Companies already working with us

  • Nationaal Comite
  • BeFrank
  • Bavaria
  • Vodafone Ziggo
  • Nationale Nederlanden
  • Sonnema
  • Monuta
  • Albron
  • Evangelische Omroep
  • Shutdown
  • Kro Ncrv
  • ROC


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