Quriobot is currently in open beta and is completely free for you to try. There are no limitations and no strings attached! We want to make sure everybody can try the platform and provide us with as much feedback as possible before any payment needs to be made.

  • Get involved

    The exact shape of the pricing model is currently under development and we would like to invite our early adopters in the process of establishing it. You will be rewarded for your early involved!

  • How about pricing after the beta period?

    As you can imagine, we can’t offer all our services for free forever. At some point in the future, there will be a commercial release of the platform once it’s taken out of beta.

We are already certain that:

  • There will always be a
    free plan

  • There will be ‘From price’ of
    20,00 euro per month

  • Yes, we are working on a
    separate plan for agencies

If you are currently questioning whether you should invest time in implementing a Quriobot on your website, you should. But if you are uncertain please contact us via

Interested in taking Quriobot to the next level? Always send us an email!

Data protection and certifications

All data of Quriobot is safely stored on servers within the European Union and we work according to the regulations of the GVA (GDPR) from the European Union, which monitors the transmission and storage of people’s personal information.

Our data storage is ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and PCI DSS certified.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Quriobot delivers software as a service, which means that we make our technology as accessible as possible. You do not need any coding skills or a technical background to create a Quriobot!

We take care of everything concerning monitoring, security and the continuous improvement of the software.

Companies already working with us

  • Nationaal Comite
  • BeFrank
  • Bavaria
  • Vodafone Ziggo
  • Nationale Nederlanded
  • Sonnema
  • Monuta
  • Albron
  • Evangelische Omroep


Building your own bot is easy!

With Quriobot, you can build your own chatbot for your website in minutes.
Use it to ask for feedback, replace boring web forms and personalize the way you help website visitors.


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