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We've created this page to show you the diversity of Quriobot.

Start from scratch

You already are a master of bots and don't need any help building a bot - (starts with the first Step)

Welcome bot

Add this bot to your website to welcome visitors and start a conversation - (starts with 10 Steps)

Help your customers

Automating the help to your customers with this bot - (starts with 11 Steps)

Lead retrieval

Helps your visitors, with interest in your service or product, to easily leave their contact details - (starts with 8 Steps)

Collect lead information and send it to Zapier

This bot is perfect for collecting leads and easily send them to Zapier (or a service like that). The only thing you have to do is add your Zapier URL to catch the collected information. (starts with 7 Steps)

Signup to MailChimp via Quriobot

Let your bot take name and email address of the user and send that data straight to MailChimp for your Newsletter signup (starts with 5 Steps)

Contact bot by Neurofied: Subconscious persuasion

This certified Quriobot template is established by the Applied Neuromarketing agency Neurofied. (starts with 7 Steps)

Feedback bot

Helps you to get feedback about your product(s) or service(s) - (starts with 10 Steps)

Schedule an appointment

Allow visitors to book an appointment on your website via your bot - (starts with 8 Steps)

Get job applicants

Want to get more job applicants? Just add this bot to your website - (starts with 11 Steps)

Make a donation

This bot is a template for getting donations - (starts with 10 Steps)

Return an order

Returning an order? No problem with this bot - (starts with 9 Steps)

Book a trip

Want to go on a holiday? Booking your trip is easy with this bot - (starts with 10 Steps)

Weather forecast

Demonstrates getting a weather forecast using the openweathermap-org API


This bot is a template for creating a conversational quiz


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