Integrating Quriobot

Quriobot can be put on any website, and do whatever you want it to do.

There are two ways of integrating quriobot, or actually of using it.


As a widget on any page you have access to

Put your own Quriobot at any page you have access to, by inserting a few lines of code in the body of your website. Go over to the tools section, to get the snippets you need ;)

Go to tools section


On your own page at

We know that creating a website can be hard, so we offer a space for your Quriobot to live in.

The added benefit of this is that you would not need to have a website at all, to use Quriobot to ask your friends (or random stranges) what they think of something ;)

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Integrating Quriobot as a widget

[ctrl-c], [ctrl-v], you know how this goes right ;)

Integrate Quriobot with your own website.

Copy this code and place it all the way at the bottom of your <body> element

Use your console to test it out.

Copy the code below and put it in the console of your browser, to (temporarily) integrate Quriobot on any website you can visit in your browser.

Try it out in our preview

What is quriobot?

Quriobot is a more human and more fun alternative to webforms like questionnaires.

We offer a low-stress and convenient alternative to questionnaires and other types of webforms, reducing (research) efforts while increasing customer engagement.

integrating quriobot

easy as 1.2.3.

integrating Quriobot into any website is easy and requires only basic knowledge of html and access to your website. Anxious to know how?

Read all about it here